** 2014 MAC AWARD WINNER ** 
New York Debut show  
and for best Revue
March 27th was the 28th Annual MAC Awards held at BB King (venue now closed - sad).  It was a wonderful event and it was an honor and a thrill to have received the award for NY Debut show for "A Kid Again" (directed by Gretchen Reinhagan / musical direction by Jim Lahti) and to be part of the group for the win for best Revue (directed by Lennie Watts).  
I thank the MAC community!
Suzanne Carrico's Holiday CD.  YES, I was excited to be a part of the choral singers on Suzanne Carrico's holiday CD recording.  I'm one of the altos singing in Carol of the Bells.  Suzanne's wonderfully mastered CD is available on CD Baby.  

Meriwether, the Opera, had its first reading performed by invitation at The Coffee House Club in Manhattan with an amazing cast.  I was lucky enough to be part of this great cast and hired to do the staging.  Jim Lahti, the composer, conducted and John McEveety Woodruff, the librettist, watched as the creation came to life.  For more details on the opera and to hear glorious music samples, go to:   www.meriwetheropera.com 

What's in my future can be a part of your future.  Check out WHAT'S NEXT Okay, sometimes the What's Next might be a bit further in the future, but time flies.  You never know what could suddenly pop up in between!    
 SOME FUN PAST EVENTS aside from the resume!
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Member of Susan Avery's 
NY Pacemakers Dance Team!!!


This is something I created while the world was in lockdown during the COVID19 pandemic.  This can be used at any time!  

To help as you adjust to your inside voice, I give you ... 

"What I Can Do Inside Activity Book"  
​                                                                                 (click on link to download and enjoy)

Like many people, it took a bit for me to get any real focus as we all stay inside and deal with adjusting to the awful virus in our own personal ways. And by the way, kudos to all of you!  I wanted to help in some way but felt overwhelmed and didn't feel I had anything "essential" to give. As I started to come out of it a bit, I decided to create a way for people to share activities inside and get the mind and body to play. Yes, PLAY and not only for kids but for adults, too.   These activities can be done alone or with family and even shared and repeated. Please enjoy! Hang in there, stay safe and healthy! 
Woulda * Coulda * Shoulda 
had a 6 show run with requests for more.  It was an amazing experience and I'm so thankful to the gracious audience and show reviews.  THANK YOU!
Photo Credit:  Stephen Mosher


 "Woulda*Coulda*Shoulda My (Almost) Life on the Wicked Stage"