* The Bite Size Sampler about Mary *     
I spent my early childhood in San Francisco where I was born in the Haight-Ashbury district before the hippy era.   My favorite thing next to watching the streetcars roll by was the window at the 5&10 cent store across the street where they changed their displays for every season and holiday.  It must have affected me because I decorate my house for just about every season and holiday.  I don't mind if people call it "Frisco." 
I am the kind of person who is always on time (or earlier), is prepared and follows through.  I hate being late!  After I turned 18, I simultaneously took on a corporate job, took night classes and performed in shows in between.  After I took my first dance class in college, I was in love with dance and did my first musical production of Anything Goes.  Dance became a big part of my life leading to joining dance troupes and doing choreography.  I later squeezed in film and voiceover. I squeezed in getting married too (to Jim Lahti).  Finally I graduated with a BS in Information Systems and celebrated with a cruise to Alaska.  I came home with the Princess Cruise "Love Boat Legend" winning top prize in the talent show.  I'm now hooked on cruises.

My uncle used to say, "You don't need an eraser on your pencil -- just don't make mistakes."  To this day, I try to do things right the first time around as much as possible.  But if I make a mistake, I'll admit it. I won't like it, but I'll admit it.

If you have one foot in yesterday and one foot in tomorrow, you're pissing on today.
I was a very shy kid who loved going to school and loved my crayons.  For some reason, I knew I wanted to be an artist and drew all the time.  I believed in coloring within the lines.  Our family watched a lot of TV and I often imitated great comics like Jackie Gleason, Jack Benny, Mary Tyler Moore and Carol Burnett.  When the Beatles became a hit, I loved their music but could never understand why girls screamed over them.  I mean, you couldn't hear the music. A Civics teacher told me I should major in business instead of art because the business of art with its deadlines on creativity would make me hate art.  So, I listened to him (well, sort of) and took business classes along side dance and acting classes.  I had enough credits for business and theater but thought it best to stick with the business major. 
The move was September 1, 2001 and we were able to house sit at a place just two blocks from my new office while waiting for our place to became available.  On September 10th, I requested a couple more days off before starting the new position.  My new office was supposed to be in Tower Two of the World Trade Center. Very long story, short, it was one of the worst days of my life and yet, New Yorkers were great to us and we survived.  The energy here is amazing.  After life became a bit more stable, it was time to get back into performing and I took some classes/workshops to brush up.  Since then, I've been performing in plays, musicals, readings and film.  New York, New York, a wonderful town, where it's true nobody sleeps and where you say "good night," it's actually morning again.  
Until either the book, sitcom or cartoon comes out about my life (insert laugh track here), below I share just a 'bite' about what brought me here.  I'm a rather open person; that is, if you've made a reservation.  And if you think you've figured me out, well that's something to explore.   :)

There was a time when I wanted to save the world.  It took me awhile to realize you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink and that you can't please everyone.  But making a difference for some  is better than none.
Oh, from the age of ten until 14, my family moved to Florida after my dad passed away.  We're just going to skip that part.
The year 2001 was a BIG life change.  Jim and I moved to New York!  I like my security and I'm not the kind of person who will normally up and leave friends and family but I took a chance at a new life and opportunity in New York and transferred to a new position in the New York office.
You're never fully dressed without a smile!
                    MY 9/11 STORY

SEPTEMBER 2011 not only marked the 10 year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks but also marked my 10 year anniversary as a resident of New York.  In honor of the anniversaries, I decided to document and share my personal story of the experiences and events that took place during 9/11/2001 by remembering our own personal heroes who helped out me and my husband.  I dedicate this story to them and hope if you read this story, you find it to be a story of survival, hope and perhaps are even able crack a smile.  
                     I Love New York!
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