Hi!   I'm Mary Lahti, your Brainstorming Coach. 

What happens when you tell yourself, "Nah, that idea sucks" or "Nobody will think this is a good idea" ̶ rejecting it before giving it a chance to show its true depth and brilliance?  Nothing, except maybe the feeling of being defeated.  And that's the problem.  Your great potential goes to waste leaving you - sad.

We are our own worst criticsThat's right, me too!

But that is totally understandable. Our ideas and feedback are often shot down by others all too quickly which tends to make us pre-judge ourselves and edit before even attempting to share a thought, often times stuffing them right back into our heads.  

It's time to get excited about your thought process and the potential for those hidden creative ideas. I can show you how to have fun with the process of spinning out those ideas and thoughts and possibly save you from getting a headache too. 

Professional Brainstorming Coach for creatives.
"As an entrepreneur familiar with the mind mapping process, I thought Mary's 3-step process not only got the creative juices flowing in a super fun way, but took mind mapping to the next level. And as an actor, the improv we did before addressing the actual topic helped me feel more open and free to share my thoughts and ideas. It was a good reminder of how often I probably block ideas before really giving them a chance to come out and play. I recommend this session especially for anyone going through a creative block or who just needs to brainstorm some ideas."  
Jodie Bently: Actor, Producer, Entrepreneur - Accelerated Artist 

Mary Lahti
Brainstorming Coach


"Working with Mary was really insightful...She helped me focus on my goals in a fun and meaningful way."
Wendy Anne Russell: Award winning vocalist, Voice Teacher, Truffle Maker
Mary crossed my path when I was going through a HUGE transition in my life. After 19 years of living in New York and living through one of my worst years in the city, I was considering a move to the west coast. My anxiety was at an all time high and swirling in my mind were all the crazy logistics of a big move. How do I find a new place? Purchase a car for the first time in my life? Transitioning my job to the other side of the country? What do I do with my stuff? Mary very calmly sat with me and through this very free form brainstorming process helped me, one, calm down, and two, get the hurricane inside my head out on the page. Once it was all out on the page before me, I could see it outside of my head and things began to get into perspective. She helped me see the things that really stood out, what my priorities and values were and a course of action started to take shape in a far more manageable way. My experience of her brainstorming work was that it was a profound and creative way to approach problem solving and gain a deeper understanding of where I wanted to be. I highly recommend Mary's work and am grateful for how much it helped me.
Lara Silva: Actress, Los Angeles
Using my 3-step process, CenterPlayFocus - a combination of fun and effective improv and brainstorming techniques, I can help take your unproductive thoughts, problems or doubt and spin them out into creative action and resolution in a judgment free zone!  

Contact me for details regarding a workshop or individual session that best fits your needs.  

I look forward to your creativity!